Which switches do you prefer? - Gateron vs Cherry

Gateron vs Cherry Gateron and Cherry have always been debated topics in the mechanical keyboard community. Some enthusiasts prefer Cherry because of their company's innovation and excellent quality assurance. Some users prefer Gateron because it is a new company that produces smoother and more cost-effective switches. About Gateron:  Gateron switch is manufactured in South China by Guangdong Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The company has been operating since 2000 and also produces keycaps, batteries and other products.Although there is little mainstream marketing for the Ga...


The origin of the keycap design from DEERWALK

I often imagine that in a parallel world of another dimension, there is another me who must live a more brilliant life than me.She must dare to think and do, she is radiant and has a charming aura in the crowd.It's not as cautious as I am, failing to seize the opportunity of class transition at the best time. More than ten years ago, I chased after a movie called "Edge of Crisis".The setting about the parallel world in it shocked me. The entrance to the parallel world is often opened and closed suddenly, causing the objects passing through to be cut in half, which is extremely terrifying.O...

Q&A About Retro Typewriter Keyboard

Q: Is there a keyboard that sounds like a typewriter? A: The new Retro Typewriter Wired Bluethooth Mechanical Keyboard, the original typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard, you can have it all. With unparalleled aesthetic design,Mechdiy can easily become one of the most amazing devices you have. But don't let it distract you! Q: What are old style keyboards called? A: In the Victorian era, typewriters emerged in that era. People nostalgic for the past. Many typewriters are kept until now, but they cannot be used in office. Therefore, retro-style keyboards appeared. Q: Is a typewriter keyb...

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