Q&A About Retro Typewriter Keyboard

Q: Is there a keyboard that sounds like a typewriter? A: The new Retro Typewriter Wired Bluethooth Mechanical Keyboard, the original typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard, you can have it all. With unparalleled aesthetic design,Mechdiy can easily become one of the most amazing devices you have. But don't let it distract you! Q: What are old style keyboards called? A: In the Victorian era, typewriters emerged in that era. People nostalgic for the past. Many typewriters are kept until now, but they cannot be used in office. Therefore, retro-style keyboards appeared. Q: Is a typewriter keyb...


Build Your Steampunk Keyboard with Mechdiy

Some of you will know the TV series called Warehouse 13. Do you remember when "Artie" Arthur Nielsen researched artifacts in the world that were lost when typing on a specific keyboard? Well, that keyboard is built in steampunk style. Many items made in this style have attracted the attention of many DIY (do it yourself) experts who try to replicate them using readily available materials. Fig.1: the steampunk keyboard in a scene of the Warehouse 13 series Fig.2: The main characters of the Warehouse series The steampunk style originated from the reconstruction of out-of-date technical obje...


The 6 special Gifts For Keyboard Enthusiasts

Is there anyone in your life who likes keyboards? I think it is very possible, maybe you are choosing a gift for your friend or yourself?Then you can read this article. This is the most special gift we recommend for keyboard lovers, because you deserve it. #1: A Retro Keyboard That Can Put Your Phone This may be a niche group. Retro keyboards are still madly loved by a group of people. Their unique appearance and prototype keycaps can be distinguished from the appearance. Of course, not everyone likes them, maybe they are more suitable for collection. #2: Custom USB Cables Personally, I r...

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