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Mechdiy Product Overview


What is Miyoo?

Miyoo specializes in designing compact and portable retro game consoles, perfect for gamers who want to enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere. Miyoo consoles use open-source systems, supporting various emulators and games with stable performance and simple operation.


What is Anbernic?

Anbernic is a well-known manufacturer of retro game consoles, renowned for their high performance, quality materials, and rich features. Anbernic consoles typically feature large screens, powerful processors, and long battery life, ideal for extended gaming sessions.


What is Powkiddy?

Powkiddy focuses on affordable and stylish retro game consoles, suitable for beginners or casual gamers. Powkiddy consoles offer stable performance with sleek and minimalist designs, beloved by many players.


What is Trimui?

Trimui is an emerging brand in the retro game console market, emphasizing innovative design and user experience. Trimui consoles feature unique designs and innovative features, attracting users who seek individuality.


What is Retroid Pocket?

Retroid Pocket is a retro game console launched by Retroid Interactive, dedicated to providing the best gaming experience. Retroid Pocket runs on the Android operating system, supporting a wide range of games and customization options, offering users more choices and possibilities.

retro-handheld-game-console-mechdiy-GKD PIXEL.jpg__PID:5bfd6edc-6e0a-4126-a291-ac9585a2b4bb

What Is Game Kiddy (GKD)?

Game Kiddy specializes in high-quality, portable retro gaming consoles, ideal for dedicated retro gamers and enthusiasts. GKD consoles offer robust performance with sleek and compact designs, making them a favorite among players.

retro-handheld-game-console-mechdiy-mecha charging station.jpg__PID:fd6edc6e-0a71-46a2-91ac-9585a2b4bb6f

What is Mecha Charging Station?

The 1/72 Scale Mecha Action Figure Charging Station for Multiple Devices is a charging station designed in the style of a mecha action figure. It allows simultaneous charging of multiple devices. Built to a scale of 1/72, it resembles a miniature mecha action figure, adding a unique and stylish touch to any workspace or room while keeping your devices charged and organized.


what other types of gaming products do you sell?

In addition to these retro game console brands, we also provide other types of game products, such as game grips, game docks, game sticks, storage bags, mini pcs to meet various user needs.