Apr 8, 2023

Best Retro Game Consoles Till Now

Top must-have consoles for adults&kids, handpicked by our expert

Retro consoles have become a trend over the past couple of years. They offer the best of both worlds. You get to play games in their original format while at the same time enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Besides, they look good on any shelf, regardless of whether you keep them in a cabinet or not. Every retro console has its own set of pros and cons depending on what its intended purpose is, but there are still a few that rise above the rest.

The Powkiddy RGB20S is a handheld gaming device that stands out for its remarkable price and notable features. For just $89.99, this vertical form factor provides gamers with a RK3326 1.5GHZ Quad-Core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and an impressive 3.5" IPS Display. Although the plastic used for the construction is not of the best quality and it can be quite crowded due to all the buttons, this gaming device works up to PS1 level and feels comfortable when being held in hand. In addition, due to its small size, it offers great portability while allowing the analogue sticks to protrude appropriately. All in all, even though it isn't perfect, it comes ready with pre-loaded ROMs so users can start having fun right away!

In December 2022, ANBERNIC released their RG35XX handheld as part of a competitive market for mini retro handhelds. However, it was hard to miss - though those familiar with its components may have noted that it is larger than most on this list. Its 3.5" IPS display boasts a resolution of 640 x 480, making it ideal for running old console games such as those from NES, SNES and Game Boy Advance. Although equipped with only 256MB RAM and a quad core processor, this device can run up to Playstation 1 games - all without sacrificing features like an analog stick in favor of size! It does have some flaws such as an inferior operating system and difficult shoulder buttons but on balance, its high quality screen and low price make it appealing even to beginners.

The all-new RG353V made its debut in September 2022, with a revamped design and improved specs. It is available in two models – the “VS” edition which comes equipped with 1GB of RAM and Linux OS, or the original RG353V model with 2GB of RAM, an Android/Linux supported OS, and touchscreen display.As one of the most affordable handheld gaming devices on the market at just $109, it attempts to rival devices like Retroid Pocket 3. Although it may not have as many features as its competitors, this new vertical form factor makes for an attractive device complete dual analogue sticks - powerful enough to run classic games from PS1 to PSP.It offers a new form factor and can play a few Dreamcast games, though some tweaking is necessary. Despite the majority of this year's models being less than impressive, this device is a great improvement; vertical handhelds such as these are always welcome. Just make sure to be wary of its subpar shoulder buttons!

Since their inception, ANBERNIC has been known for offering high-end and affordable handhelds. Unfortunately, their sales have not been the greatest in recent years; however, all of this is set to change with the release of their newest device, the RG353M. It features an impressive metal exterior housing a RK3566 CPU capable of emulating Dreamcast games. Furthermore, users can choose between both Android and Linux OS systems with 2GB RAM, 1.8GHZ processor, 3.5inch touchscreen display and 3500MAH battery lasting more than 5 hours on a single charge.The quality of engineering was one of the things that truly stood out to us; it had been constructed from a single block of metal and ran Dreamcast games perfectly. In addition, it was capable of emulating Gameboy Advance, N64, PS1, and most PSP titles without any problem - though high-end PSP games could be too demanding. Throw in a sharp display, an intuitive Linux OS and new ergonomic joysticks and you have one formidable retro handheld!

ANBERNIC's newest handheld, RG405M, is a more advanced take on their popular RG353M. A metal shell has substituted for plastic producing an impressive and luxurious feel familiar to ANBERNIC fans.This console houses a Unisoc T618 2ghz CPU, MaliG52 GPU, 4GB’s RAM and 4” IPS display with 640 x 480 resolution in addition to its 4500mah Battery, Wifi connection and Bluetooth 5.0.Android OS meets excellent construction quality making it undeniably one of best available retro handhelds out there. It can emulate games from numerous consoles including PSP, Dreamcast, Gameboy, NES, SNES; some PS2 and Gamecube titles are also playable albeit not all of them.

Featuring a large 5.5″ display, Powkiddy's RGB10 Max is their first attempt at an affordable handheld device. Unexpectedly, it has exceeded expectations and offers a rubberized matte texture for an added premium touch. Additionally, thin bezels have been used to create a modern form factor and there is no logo on its face. Furthermore, analogues sticks replicate those of Nintendo Switch's whilst action and D-pad buttons are resilient - making it seem like a dependable device for gaming.This RK3326 powered handheld is the same one featured on many of the leading retro game consoles. It houses a quad core 1.5GHZ processor, 1GB RAM and Mali 31 GPU, with a 4200 MAH battery capacity to boot.For emulation purposes this device can handle up to N64 games without any issues; however, when it comes to larger titles from Dreamcast or PSP there may be some slight lags. With its large screen it makes for an ideal way to play Mario Kart 64; though anything of a more demanding nature will result into an unsatisfactory gaming experience.

In March 2023, Miyoo released an upgraded version of their mini handheld console: Miyoo Mini Plus. Answering to consumer demand for a slightly larger variant, this device boasts a 3.5″ screen with a retro 4:3 aspect ratio. What's more, Miyoo have responded directly to customer feedback and improved on last generation's shoulder buttons by providing extra comfortability in this edition. Boasting a dual-core 1.2ghz CPU and 128MB RAM, this console has surprisingly good endurance with its 3000mah battery allowing up to 5 hours of game play .Unfortunately, the stock of Miyoo's handhelds has been difficult to keep up with. Time and again, orders for the device and its predecessor, the Miyoo Mini, have proven to be so popular that scalpers and customers gobble them up in a flash when additional units are made available online. Nevertheless, it still is an impressive, portable console capable of running retro titles all the way up to Playstation 1 games.

Headlining our list of best retro handhelds this year is Retroid Pocket 3+, an enhanced and slightly bigger version of its predecessor. With its competitive price tag of only $149, not to mention its ability to emulate games up to Gamecube, it's easy to see why this unit is garnering so much attention. On top of that, GoRetroid has decked out their new device with a Octa-core T618 CPU, 4GB RAM, and a beautiful 4.7" touch-screen display - all packed into a sleek and comfortable shape. Unsurprisingly then, it's no wonder why Retroid Pocket 3+ sits at forefront as one of today's most inexpensive yet powerful retro gaming devices on the market.

Game consoles have a unique place in the hearts of gamers, which may be memories of childhood, or entertainment in leisure time, etc. Of course, there are plenty of great consoles out there that haven't been mentioned, each with their pros and cons, and which one to choose is a matter of personal preference. However, if you haven’t found the first place in your heart, you can try the above-mentioned game consoles. You may not regret it if you try it, but you will definitely regret not trying it.