The charm of the retro steam age, the retro keyboard!

Steampunk, English as Steampunk, is literally a combination of two words steam (steam) and punk (punk), punk is a suffix of non-mainstream marginal culture, and steam undoubtedly represents the era of the industrial revolution powered by steam engines The combined steampunk is based on the industrial revolution in the 19th century to carry out science fiction, and the objects and humanities are transformed and upgraded with the characteristics of the steam age. The steampunk culture has become more and more popular in recent years. As we all know, the retro industrial design style and chic style have gained many fans, and the creation of fans is increasing. The steampunk culture created will show people a parallel Victorian world.

Industrial development has driven the progress of science, culture, and art. Humans have a higher demand for information recording and dissemination. Typewriters came into being in the first half of the 19th century. They also naturally became the symbol of the industrial revolution era. Part of steampunk. The round keycap is the symbol of the typewriter, and it has also become the starting point for the mechanical keyboard to imitate the steampunk style.

This kind of round keycap mechanical key replaces the traditional square keycap with a steampunk-style round keycap. Even if you are not a steampunk fan, if you are tired of the square keycap mechanical keyboard player, you can try it.

#1: Retro Typewriter Wired Bluethooth Mechanical Keyboard Round Keycaps LED Color

For Win/Mac/Ios/Linux: Bluetooth 5.0,wired and wireless,support 3 devices
More Than 1000mA Battery: Support more than 16 hours of wireless use
Retro Typewriter Keyboard: High-strength and wear-resistant

#2: X9VR Retro Punk Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard is white backlit, with 30 lighting effects. The knob can switch the lighting effect and adjust the backlight brightness. SW1/SW2/ SW3 keys to customize lighting effects.
The button position is ergonomic, reducing hand fatigue. Professional blue switch, tested by professional players, feels comfortable, sounds crisp and durable.
Commonly used in PCs, notebooks and desktops, compatible with MAC and Windows systems.

#3: Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with Mouse

Win/MAC/IOS/Linux: supports Bluetooth, wired and wireless devices.
Round keycaps: All 76 keys are equipped with mechanical blue switches to prevent ghosting. The hot-swappable switch allows you to change the switch as you like.
Batteries exceeding 3600mA: Like wireless use, 5 hours of charging and 15 hours of battery life.

#4: 84 Keys TW1867 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For win/mac/ios/Linux: support Bluetooth 5.0, wired and wireless devices.
Battery above 1000mA: Like wireless use, it can be used continuously for 16 hours.
LED color: The keyboard has an amazing white backlight effect.

We can see that there are many types of mechanical keyboards with round keycaps on the market. If you also want to try a retro keyboard or use it as a collection, you can choose a suitable and reliable product to start with. I hope my recommendation is helpful to you.

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