Miyoo 1/1 Scale Handheld Game Console Model Building Blocks Set


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Color: Black
Miyoo 1/1 Scale Handheld Game Console Model Building Blocks Set (331PCS/MOC-156355)


.This origin designed model was designed and licenced by click_lever. Based on a popular console in the real world, the model has been modified and reviewed many times with reasonable structure and firm and good construction experience, which is the perfect restoration of the product and structure. Unique design and color matching, finished set boasts great value in both collection and ornament.
.Build from 331 parts, each high quality part comes with accurate color and comfortable feel, to ensure firm structure. Not only the feel feedback is good, but also easy to disassemble. The parts are packaged in bags according to the type, and quality of parts is consistent with the mainstream building block brand, greatly reducing the time for building block enthusiasts to collect parts and classify them by themselves and the purchase cost. Also compatible with the building block set of the famous brand in Denmark.
.With PDF instructions, easy to understand and medium difficulty, ensuring easily assemble.
.Suitable for children over 16+ and packed in graphic carton. Perfect as home decoration and collection, as well  a best gift for building blocks junior designer fans and science fiction models fans.
.Background: The MOC is a captivating tribute to the golden era of gaming.
Relive the nostalgia of 90's with this retro emulator console that combines the joy of building with the excitement of classic games. This MOC allows you to construct your very own compact console, complete with intricate mosaics that pay homage to three iconic titles, containing three Game interface.


.Material: ABS
.Color: Black Mainframe
.Product Weight: 330g
.Package Weight: 450g
.Package Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 2cm
.Package: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 16+

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