7 Inches Portable Mini Computer Monitor Extended Display Screen

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7 Inches 1024 x 600 Portable Mini Computer Monitor Extended Display Screen - White


.7-inch computer extended secondary screen display supports HDMI devices such as Raspberry Pi, ps4, ps3, Xbox, and computers.

.1024*600 resolution, clear picture.

.Mini HDMI interface, can be displayed on the same screen, with speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack. Ultra-thin design, compact and portable.

.Built-in buttons to adjust the volume and multi-function settings.

.When playing the game, there is no lag, no smear, no delay, and the host can directly supply power.


.Color: White
.Material: LCD + Electronic Components + Plastic
.Product Weight: 300g
.Package Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 8cm
.Package Weight: 600g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Display
.1 x Power Cord
.1 x Video Cable


Customer Reviews

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Thomas B.

This is a perfect sized for the Lian Li Dynamic XL for the back wall. The white bezel screens are extremely hard to find anywhere (much less in this size format). I am using this with AIDA64 and custom sensor panel. If you run it in Portrait position like I’m doing here it must face with this side toward the front if you flip it the other way the LCD becomes too dark to see, so this was optimal configuration position. The screen comes with a usb c that’s connected to an AC wall adapter so you do not have to waste a usb c port to use this (optional if you do). I have mine connected to a white hdmi cable snd white usb c extension cable so it finishes the white out look (it came with black cabling). I installed magnets to the back of the screen case so it sticks to the back wall of the case and can be easily removable for future maintenance. Overall I’m happy. Delivery was quick and the product looks great and was a nice finishing touch on this new build.


I wanted to wait at least a month to review this portable monitor, especially been a not-recognized brand. I took a risk and bought it because I needed an extra monitor for an online school. I am glad I did. This monitor is excellent, and I have no issues connecting to my MacBook Air m1 2020.


This monitor meets these needs spectacularly! This screen is so flat, yet it easily fits in my laptop case. Yet it's big enough it's actually helpful to use.


I bought this screen not knowing exactly what to expect. I needed a highly portable monitor for use as a second screen for my laptop when I travel, so I gave this one a try.


I use the monitor as a secondary display for my PC and Tablet and it is perfect for that usage