Powkiddy RGB30 3D Printed Magnetic Charging Dock


Color: Black
3D Printed Magnetic Charging Base for RGB30 Game Consoles


.Suitable for RGB30 game consoles, with precisely positioned, suitably sized, and magnetic charging features. Connected to the power supply can be recharged, and also supports to use of the handle.
.FDM 3D printing, semi-matte PLA to make this base one-piece molding. Comes with a sponge, do not touch heat sources above 60 degrees.


.Color: White/Black/Navy Blue/Yellow
.Material: PLA+Sponge
.Interface: Type-C
.Product Weight: 100g
.Package Weight: 110g
.Package Dmensions: 11 x 8 x 8cm
.Packing: Box

Customer Reviews

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Cool Concept but Too Light

The shape and construction of the RGB30 dock is better than I expected from something 3D-printed. I have the black one, and it looks nice sitting next to the TV. Best of all, the magnetic USB-C adapter is a very clever design. The end of it affixed to the dock glows blue, so it's easy to drop the RGB30 into place in a dark room. This will create a loss wear-and-tear than repeatedly removing and inserting a plug into the port — something that is especially necessary, because the RGB30 has a flaw where it won't turn on unless it's unplugged.

What's puzzling about the dock's design is that it comes in two pieces. There's a detachable base which appears to be for ensuring the dock is tall enough to fit the RGB30's handle peripherals. The upper portion of the dock fits into the bottom with some cutout grooves; it's not actually attached, it just rests there. If you don't have the handles, then you could optionally have a smaller dock by discarding the bottom portion, but this feels like something that could have been simplified into one solid piece, as removing it only saves less than a centimetre — not enough that I suspect anyone would complain if it were permanently affixed.

The biggest downside of this design is that the dock is too light. This is made worse by the bottom portion being detachable. When attempting to lift the RGB30 from the dock, because the USB-C charger is magnetic, the upper portion of the dock lifts away with the RGB30. You specifically need to hold the dock down in place as you lift the RGB30, or you'll bring it with you. 🧲

As an experiment, I taped both parts of the dock together and then lifted the RGB30 from it. Combined, they still lift off with the RGB30, but then soon fall away, so just combining them into one solid piece isn't enough. If the magnet were less powerful, that would help, but I think the best solution would be to have a heavier dock so that it doesn't move so easily even if it didn't lift away with the RGB30.

Overall, the dock is a cool concept, but it needs to be redesigned as one solid unit with a heavier base. If it were remade to stay put, I'd give it five stars.

Federico Bordini
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