POWKIDDY RGB10MAXⅡ Handheld Game Console


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Color: Black
Capacity: 64G/10000 Games

POWKIDDY RGB10MAXⅡ Handheld Game Console with 17000 Games 64G/128G TF Card, 5 Inch Video Game Console

🎮Introducing the POWKIDDY RGB10MAXⅡ Handheld Game Console with 17000 Games and a 128G TF card, providing endless gaming options for you! The console features a 5-inch video game console with a high-definition IPS screen, providing a clear display for a better gaming experience.

🎮The console comes equipped with 10000 classic games, ensuring an all-original and non-repetitive gaming experience. The open-source system allows you to add emulators and games with related formats, and it's compatible with running over 30 mainstream simulators, offering an extensive gaming library.

🎮The console has undergone a function upgrade, now supporting WIFI connectivity, enabling convenient multiplayer wireless online gaming and data transmission. The quad-core CPU, RK3326, ensures stable and high-performance optimized performance, making your gaming experience smoother.

🎮The tempered glass screen offers double protection, making it scratch-proof and anti-fall, thereby delivering an exciting gaming experience and better eye protection. The ergonomic design of the console features a new bionic ergonomic grip with a trigger button, ensuring an efficient gaming experience. Even playing games for a long time will not cause any fatigue.

🎮This handheld game console is the best gift choice for your kids! It provides a fun gaming experience while also helping them learn new skills and exercise their brain and hand coordination. Get the POWKIDDY RGB10MAXⅡ Handheld Game Console and give your kids the ultimate gaming experience.




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Ronald Elmer

Money well spent! Fast delivery and good communication.The design's sleek and buttons are responsive.love it!