Miyoo Mini Plus Mechdiy Customized Onion SD Card


Mechdiy Customized Miyoo Mini Plus Onion SD Card 128G

📌The onion system is pre-installed on the card. If you have already bought the 128G onion version of the Miyoo Mini Plus game console, you do not need to buy this card. If you bought the regular version of Miyoo Mini Plus before, but want the onion system, you only need to buy this card and insert it into the game console when it is turned off.

.Onion is an enhanced operating system for your Miyoo Mini, featuring fine-tuned emulation with 100+ built-in emulators, auto-save and resume, a wealth of customization options, and much more. Performant, reliable, and straightforward retro gaming right in your pocket.
.This version of Onion is based on Onion 4.2.0 RC. It includes some of the most important fixes that will be included in the 4.2.0 final like the Easy Netplay updates and updated Scraper.

The romset is a very qualitative one which should satisfy most exigent players. It is a combination of 4 different romsets :
.Platform Explorer ROMs Pack
.Tiny Best Set: GO!
.Stock Miyoo romset
.Some special additions :

  1. all theOnion Ports configured
  2. Some NDS roms
  3. Some very good rom hacks
  4. exclusive romset selection for Final Burn Neo

How has been made the romset :
.The selection of the best ROMS from "Platform Explorer ROMs Pack" and "Tiny Best Set: GO!" have been  merged to offer a list of ROMS of exceptional quality in the main list of each console. We kept the Miyoo romset collection to complete this collection with a lot of additional games (only the duplicates have been removed).
.Main platforms has been scraped again using Skraper and the settings from3-Images Mix to get a uniform preview of the image box.

Roms browsing structure :
.The best games are in the main list and generally in "Miyoo Collection" you should find all the other games. Then there are special subfolders :
  1. "Miyoo collection" will contains all the other games from the stock SD card
  2. "Hacks" will contain a selection of very good rom hacks (like "New Super Mario Land" on SNES)
  3. "Translations" will contain exceptional translated roms (generally from japonese to english)
  4. "Modern" are recent homebrew, new home-made games made for this platform (like  Stepper, a music sequencer for GBA)
Ports :
.Full port collection up to date, base on Onion ports 1.0.9

Emulators :
On the emulator part, the release is based on Onion RC 4.2.0  with some additions :
.Drastic added for NDS emulation , specially configured for Onion with new icon
.GB/GBC and NGP configured withawesome Jeltron overlays
.some expert emulators are installed in expert section as they are specially good :
  1. ScummVM Standalone (faster than the retroarch core version)
  2. PCSX Standalone (faster than the retroarch core version)
  3. gpSP (often faster then mGBA, good to play GBA with fast forward)
  4. fbneo with its dedicated selection of best roms + overclock for good framerate (similar to Drastic)
.Some new exceptional cores added for advanced users like duckstation

App :
Installed by default :
.video player
.pdf and epub readers
.random game picker (to launch a game randomly)
.search (to easily find a game)
.video recorder "screencap" added !

Themes :
.A selection of 60 best themes has been made  from theOnion Theme repository. (Decompressed for fast loading of the Theme Switcher).

Bios :
.Globally Miyoo stock with some useless stuffs removed, some additions like PSXONPSP660.bin

Customer Reviews

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Best Ever

I love this handheld game system. It’s the best. It’s a powerhouse of games and I’m still exploring.it keeps me occupied when I’m bored at work.

Doug Carpe

Miyoo Mini Plus Mechdiy Customized Onion SD Card

Manuel Waldner

good product

a k

Miyoo Mini Plus Mechdiy Customized Onion SD Card

Duncan Macintyre

128 SanDisk SD card still working with no problems