Miyoo Mini Plus 128G Onion OS Retro Handheld Game Console


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Color: Purple

Miyoo Mini Plus 128G Onion OS
Handheld Game Console

Powerful Performance and Vivid Display

🎮.Equipped with a Cortex-A7 high-performance processor clocked at 1.2GHz, providing smooth gaming experiences for mainstream classic games.
🎮.Enjoy gaming fun with a 3.5-inch IPS screen boasting a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The narrow bezel design enhances visual experience with a higher screen-to-body ratio.

Multi-Platform Compatibility and Convenient Game Management

🎮.Compatible with games from various platforms, supporting LAN online battle mode, instant saves, and providing 10 storage locations for convenience.
🎮.Easily access your game collection through intuitive game management settings. View recent games and enjoy cover display features for quick access.

Enhanced Customization

🎮.Supports over 100 built-in emulators, auto-save and restore functions, and extensive customization options for a richer gaming experience. Customize background music, system sleep settings, system language, key mapping, and enjoy one-click system recovery.

Game Collection

🎮.Includes four different game sets to ensure players get high-quality and satisfying gaming experiences. This includes Platform Explorer ROMs Pack, Tiny Best Set: GO!, Stock Miyoo romset, and other special games.
🎮.The browsing structure of the game set has been optimized for easy navigation, including main lists and special subfolders for different game categories.

Ports and Emulators

🎮.Features a comprehensive collection of ports and various emulators, such as Drastic for NDS emulation, and expert emulators like ScummVM Standalone and PCSX Standalone.

Apps, Themes, and BIOS

🎮.Pre-installed default applications include a video player, PDF and EPUB readers, random game selector, search function, and screencap video recorder. Choose from 60 top themes from the Onion theme repository for customization. Features a globally optimized BIOS collection to ensure smooth retro gaming experiences.

A Fresh Onion for You! Onion V4.3.0


🎮.Quickly switch between games by the press of a button. Resume where you left off in an instant.

Ports Collection

🎮.Our Ports Collection offers a native gaming experience on the Miyoo Mini.


🎮.An extensive collection of community-made themes, enabling you to completely change the feel of the device.


🎮.We're using our own build of RetroArch, with a custom display driver made for maximum precision and performance.

Activity Tracker

🎮.Our built-in activity tracker allows you to keep an eye on your play activity. See your most played games rated on total play time, average play time, and number of play sessions.


🎮.Once you've added your vast collection of roms, use our global search function to easily find the game you're looking for.

miyoo-onion os-themes6.jpg__PID:a851acb2-01c2-48af-a47e-cbeebdcaead2
Delight your girlfriend with the perfect gift – Miyoo Mini Plus! With its  variety of themes, seamless game switching, and a plethora of games perfect for the inner gamer girl, it's sure to win her heart this Valentine's Day.🥰
miyoo-onion os-themes3.jpg__PID:a8c1a851-acb2-41c2-98af-247ecbeebdca
miyoo-onion os-themes.jpg__PID:a5f763a8-c1a8-41ac-b201-c298af247ecb
miyoo-onion os-themes2.jpg__PID:63a8c1a8-51ac-4201-8298-af247ecbeebd
miyoo-onion os-themes4.jpg__PID:c1a851ac-b201-4298-af24-7ecbeebdcaea
miyoo-onion os-themes8.jpg__PID:51acb201-c298-4f24-becb-eebdcaead229
miyoo-mini-plus-128g-onion-os-retro-handheld-game-console-31 (2).jpg__PID:922e6966-22d2-4665-94d5-07c748471112
miyoo-mini-plus-128g-onion-os-retro-handheld-game-console-31 (1).jpg__PID:83922e69-6622-4226-a514-d507c7484711

Tech Specs

.Game Console*1
.Charging Cable*1
.Card Reader*1
.128G SD Card*1
.Tempered Glass Screen Protector*1

SpecificationsMiyoo Mini Plus 128G Onion OS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION
MaterialABS + Electronic Components
Size78.5mm x 108mm x 22mm
Operating SystemOnionOS (Upgraded to Onion V4.3.0, The latest version)
CPUCortex-A7, 1.2GHz
Screen3.5inch, 640 x 480 IPS Screen
SupportWi-Fi Battle
BatteryBuilt-in 3000mAh Li Battery
Battery Life5-6h
ChargingUSB Type-C 5V/1A
Product Weight200g
Package Dimensions20 x 15 x 2cm
Package Weight350g
PackingGraphic Carton

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