Miyoo Mini Plus FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ blog for the Miyoo Mini Plus handheld gaming device! The Miyoo Mini Plus is a portable retro gaming device that allows you to play a wide range of classic games from consoles. With its compact size and impressive features, the Miyoo Mini Plus has become a popular choice for gamers who want to enjoy classic games on the go. In this blog, we'll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the Miyoo Mini+.

1.What colors are available for Miyoo Mini Plus?

Miyoo Mini Plus is available in White/Grey/Transparent Purple/Transparent Black.

2.How is the screen on Miyoo Mini Plus?

Miyoo Mini Plus features a common 3.5 inch screen size with a 4x3 aspect ratio and the same 640p x 480p resolution. The screen provides a clear and vivid gaming experience.

3.Does Miyoo Mini Plus have a longer battery life?

Yes, Miyoo Mini Plus has a 3000mAh battery that lasts for about 4-5 hours, making it ideal for extended gaming sessions.

4.What operating system does Miyoo Mini Plus use?

Miyoo Mini Plus uses the Linux operating system, which supports a variety of retro gaming emulators.

5.How does Miyoo Mini Plus fit in case?

Miyoo Mini Plus does not have protruding shoulders. It lays down flat and fits well in most cases.

6.How durable is Miyoo Mini Plus?

Miyoo Mini Plus is sturdy and difficult to break with it's 200g weight, making it ideal for long-term use.

7.How does Miyoo Mini Plus feel in hand?

Miyoo Mini Plus has a nice feeling d-pad and buttons that make it enjoyable to play retro games on. The device is designed to be comfortable to hold, with its bigger size and updated shoulders. This design ensures that the console does not hurt your fingers, even during extended gaming sessions.

8.Are games preloaded on Miyoo Mini Plus?

Miyoo Mini Plus comes preloaded with a variety of games, with 32GB having 5000 games, 64GB having 6000 games, and 128GB having 11000 games. However, you can also add your own games through the device's SD card slot.

9.What is the game list of Miyoo Mini Plus?

The game list of Miyoo Mini Plus includes a variety of emulators that enable you to play classic games from different retro consoles. These include emulators of FC/SFC/MD/GG/SMS/GBA/GBC/GB/FBA/PCE/PS, among others. You may want to discover the specific games available on each emulator yourself.

10.Does Miyoo Mini Plus play classic games?

Yes, Miyoo Mini Plus is designed to enable you to play classic games from different retro consoles. It comes preloaded with various emulators that support a variety of classic games.

11.Does Miyoo Mini Plus have WIFI?

Yes, Miyoo Mini Plus supports WIFI hotspot mode battle, compatible with multi-platform games.

12.What is included in the box with Miyoo Mini Plus?

The box with Miyoo Mini Plus includes a USB card reader, a charging cable, customer manual, and a screen protector.

13.Can Miyoo Mini Plus be upgraded with Onion?

Yes, Miyoo Mini Plus can be upgraded with Onion OS by flashing the machine yourself. But the Onion OS 4.2 will not come out until the end of March.

14.Can I connect the Miyoo Mini Plus to a TV?

No, the Mini Plus does NOT have TV output of any kind.

15.Is it easy to add new games to the Miyoo Mini Plus?

Yes, adding new games to the Miyoo Mini Plus is simple. All you need to do is download the game ROMs, copy them to an SD card, and insert the SD card into the device.

16. How do I navigate through the Miyoo Mini Plus's menus?

The Miyoo Mini Plus features a simple menu system that can be navigated using the device's directional pad and buttons. The menu system allows you to select games, adjust settings, and more.

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