Customizable Graphics Card Luminous Backplate



Type: 5V3PIN

Customizable Graphics Card Luminous Backplate


Customers who need customization, please contact us at

★ Custom process:First of all,Customers need to tell customer service about the specific brand and model of the graphics card and motherboard (both brand and model version are required).Customers can choose the patterns provided in the pattern,you can also send pictures to customer service for customization.This SKU is the customer's picture,color graphic print (not engraving version).According to the size of the graphics card,the clearer the better,8K ultra clear is recommended.The customer chooses whether to make the pattern color-changing,the designer receives the customer's drawing to start the design and sends it back to the customer for confirmation.The goods will be shipped within 3-5 days after the customer confirms.

★ Graphics card backplate is hd 6K resolution with sufficient brightness,uniform lighting,glossy surface,fixed  magnetic.

★ This product is an advanced synchronous model with 12V4PIN.Please confirm that the graphics card port is 4PIN and 12V RGB.

★ Notice:The shipment time of customized models is about 3-5 days,we will not be returned after confirmation.


Product Weight:300g
Package Dimensions:33 x 8 x 6cm
Package Weight:500g
Packing:Graphic Carton