Q.How do I order electronic product from your website?

A. First, please register your information at our website. Create a username and password to login. When browsing through our web site, look for the items you wish to buy and then add them into the shopping cart. You can add as many in-stock items as you want.

Once you have the desired amount of items you want, please click on the checkout button. Shipping charges will be calculated based on the total weight of the items and the desired shipping service that you choose to give you the graqd total that you have to pay. You can then make payment to us. We prefer payment to be made by PayPal but do accept major credit cards such as VisaMasterCardAmerican Express,and Discover.


Q.Do you accept international orders and ship overseas ?

A. Yes, we do. If your country isn't listed in our web site. You are always welcome to email us at service@mechdiy.com. 


Q. I want to place an order, but would like to know how much shipping is going to cost first. 

A. We do freeshipping for all our products pls dont worry about it .


Q. Can I ship to the address other than my residential address ? 

A. Yes, you can but please do fill out the alternative address you want us to ship to in your user profile.  


 Q. I have chosen Express Courier as my shipping option but have received an email from you telling me that the area I live in is considered a remote area. Why am I being charged additional shipping?

A. Some areas are considered remote areas by courier company if it is out of their usual service coverage area. Courier company will still deliver the package to these areas but will charge us additional fees for the serivce. As our shipping rates are already very low, we do not make enough from the shipping rates to cover the additional cost for remote area coverage.  Hence, we have to charge you more for shipping.

We will, however, provide you with an alternative choice of using Postal Mail if you do not want to pay for the additional shipping cost for using courier. Postal Mail usually takeslong time but you will be provided with a tracking number for reference.


 Q. Can I cancel or modify my order after I submit it ?

A. You shall notify mechdiy.com within 48 hours by sending us an email stated your name and order number.  Any cancellation after 48 hours, NO cancellation if the order already ship out. 


Q. Will you send me an order confirmation ?

A. Yes, we'll send you an order confirmation letter via e-mail. It includes your order number, the items you ordered, and the total amount that you have paid.

If you have questions about your order confirmation, or if you don't receive an order confirmation within 48 hours, contact service@mechdiy.com.

Also, you can check the status of your order anytime login in to your account from our website.


Q. My order that I just placed has its status as "Awaiting Fulfillment." What does this mean?

A. This could mean one of two things. If the item or items that you ordered are classified as a "Pre Order," then the status of your order will be "Awaiting Fulfillment" until the item or items comes in stock. Then, the status of your order will change to "Awaiting Shipment." Please bear in mind that multiple Pre Orders made in one shipment will show the "Awaiting Fulfillment" status until thelast item ordered comes in stock. We will hold on to the other items for you until then.

In the second instance, if all items ordered are in stock, "Awaiting Fulfillment" means that we are in the process of packing & processing your shipment. Once we have completed that, your status will revert to "Awaiting Shipment." Sometimes, the "Awaiting Fulfillment" status might still be up even though items are in stock due to the difference in time zones, public holidays, etc. Do not worry, your shipment will be ready to go out the next available working day. 


Q. What shipping method are your company using ?

A. Express Courier Services: 
At this moment, we are using FEDEX, DHL or UBI  cause all our products are freeshipping so we will use the best method for your order just depend on where are you from.

 Q. How long will it take for my order to reach me ? 

A. Express Courier Service delivers most orders within7-15days if these orders have no issues with your local customs.


For Pre-Order items, if you have made full payment in advance, your order will be shipped out the day after we have received the item in stock.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept ?

  • Paypal (Recommended !)
  • Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover via paypal. 

We recommend that you make payment using PAYPAL or credit card as they are the simplest and fastest ways. 



 Q. I would like to buy five different pre-order items at one order. Can I do this and save money on shipping?

Yes, you can but please do note that your order will only ship out once the last pre-order item comes in stock. Prior items will be stored at your fulfilment center until then. We would appreciate it if all Pre-Order items are ordered separately. Also, please do not include loose item orders with Pre-Order items unless you are sure you want to wait for them. In some cases, that could take as long as 6 months.


Q. I received my pre-order figure in the mail today, but the box and/or some of the pieces look different that the photos on your web site. WHY?

Product photo is usually of a preproduction prototype. Final product may differ slightly in color and or content.


Q. My Pre-order product still isn’t here and your web site said it would arrive a month ago.

The estimated ship date is given to us from the manufacturer. Some products will miss their estimated ship date due to manufacturer delays. This is normal, but we guarantee you that we will ship them to you as soon as we get them in stock.



Q. Where to trace my Parcel Shipment.


Here's the website to track:https://www.17track.net/en



If you have further questions, please e-mail us at service@mechdiy.com.