Steampunk Titanium Alloy Keycaps Original Height R1 Starshards 1 - Grey&Blue


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Steampunk Titanium Alloy keycaps Original Height R1 Starshards 1 - Grey&Blue


.Titanium Alloy: Using electroplating, electrophoresis, paint and other colored processes, the keycaps are engraved by CNC after 8 hours for pure and permanent metal luster.
.Comtability: Built with original height R1, each keycaps fit Cherry MX and various switches of mechanical keycaps.
.Comfortable Feel: The three-dimensional embossed keycaps with the clearly contoured&textured keys deliver a comfortable and delicate feel. Eye-catching colors are enhancing the visibility and legibility of the individual keys in order to find the key easily when playing games.
.Cyberpunk: The unique cyberpunk style keycaps feature the surface about asteroid impact in grey&blue.

.Material: Titanium Alloy + Brass
.Color: Grey + Blue
.Product Weight: 300g
.Package Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6cm
.Package Weight: 500g
.Packing: Box