Private Customized Resin Keycap


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Private Customized Resin Keycaps Require Provide Keycaps Height Already Desired Pattern


Please contact customer service staff by email before purchasing.

This product is purely handmade customized resin keycaps, which need to be crafted and polished to produce. In addition, the height of the keycaps required by each customer is different, so we can't predict in advance. We need to confirm the category and height before starting production. These keycaps can be customized height and message to customer service.

How long will it take? To be honest, there is no exact duration. The reasons for the different duration :

(1). The temperature is instability. It will lead to prolonged curing time, which is calculated by day.

(2) sometimes the order amount is too large. In order to ensure quality, we can produce a limited number every day.

(3). During the production, there will be internal bubbles, impurities, serious skew on the keyboard, local non-curing, outer deformation in curing, if your order appears the above problems. The product will be re-made.

This product is a high transmittance, high-quality personality keycap with a wonderful feel.


Material: Resin
Product Weight: 80g
Package Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10mm
Package Weight: 100g