One-Netbook OnexPlayer 8.4-inch 2.5K Resolution WIN10 Handheld Gaming Console

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One-Netbook OnexPlayer 8.4-inch 2.5K Resolution WIN10 Handheld Gaming Console

★ Features:

Super Performance: 11th generation Core 4 core processor to play popular PC games, the product carries 11th generation TigerLake-U series processor, i71195. Powerful performance is enough to make you invincible in all kinds of games. Equipped with new generation Sharp Torch core graphics card, with unique display level performance game picture quality, 96EU execution unit, bring enough to rival MX350  independent graphics card, so that the game console can easily run multiple games at high graphics quality.

Familiar keyboard layout: Quick start, this integrated game console is designed according to user operation habits and ergonomic keyboard layout, with familiar D-pad, left and right rocker, ABXY keys.

Original ALPS Joystick made in Japan: Using two Original ALPS esports joystick made in Japan. The height of the joystick is up to 6.7mm, which can be operated 360 degrees with smooth and no delay; Built-in automatic calibration program after power on to prevent the joystick from drifting, native support to achieve L3/R3.

Linear Trigger: Using linear trigger and point-and-click micro-shoulder keys, with a sharp and instant move. When playing FPS shooters or racing games, realistic game feedback will be your key to victory, so this gaming handheld is equipped with two complete linear triggers and point-and-click micro-shoulder keys. The micro-action shoulder button strength is accurate to 157 gram force, so you can be invincible in the game.

Dual vibration motors: To experience the real game field, the vibration motor is built into the handle, and the real feeling of the vibration will be conveyed to the players through the intelligent program in the game of gunfight, combat or racing, so that you can feel as if you were at the scene.

8.4-inch 2.5K gorgeous screen: More suitable for PC handheld size to restore more detailed picture, this viewing angle of 178° IPS full HD screen, although only 8.4 inches, have higher than 16-inch screen resolution of the large screen game book, so that the game picture in the slightest detail.

Fingerprint Recognition: The power button integrates fingerprint recognition, can eliminate the need to enter a password for safer and faster unlocking use OnexPlayer integrates fingerprint recognition on the power button with a light touch of the finger, eliminating the need for tedious password entry process and allowing you to unlock the device more securely and quickly.

★ Specifications:

Material: Plastic + Electronic Components + Metal
Processor: Eleventh generation Core Tiger Lake-U series
Graphics: Torch X core graphics
Memory + Solid State: 16GB LPDDR4X dual-channel memory, 4266MHz frequency comes with M.2 interface (NVMe protocol), high-speed SSD support to replace the M.2 interface (SATA protocol) SSD
Configuration: [i7-1195G7] 16GB+1TB
Display: 8.4-inch fully laminated IPS display
Resolution: 2560*1600
Pixel Density: 358PPI, support 10-point touch 72% NTSC color gamut
Expansion Ports: USB-C4.0 × 2, USB-A 3.0 × 1, 3.5mm audio interface × 1, TF card slot × 1
Speakers: Stereo speakers × 2
Keyboard: Magnetic keyboard (optional accessories reserved for magnetic keyboard interface at the bottom)
Gamepad: Integrated with the machine PC360 (Xinput)
Joystick: Japanese-made ALPS joystick
Fingerprint Recognition: Power button integrated fingerprint reader
Battery: 15300mAh 3.85V (58.9Wh) 65W nitride home fast charger (20V/3.25A)
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth: Wi-Fi6 / Bluetooth5.0
Product Dimensions: 28.8 x 13 x 2.1 cm
Product Weight: 819g
Package Dimensions: 32 x 18 x 5 cm
Package Weight: 1400g
Packing: Graphic Carton


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Nice laptop, feels fast and portable.


If you want a solid super kool arcade game with the customer service support at a level 10 rating don't hesitate to purchase from Mechdiy. I highly recommend it!


Awesome video game console. My kids and husband have a blast playing on it! It is also definitely a show stopper when guest come over! This company customer service is amazing which is so hard to find these days. The owner as well as the guy who delivered the game are both very helpful and go above and beyond to make sure you are happy! I highly recommend!


fantastic device! runs well and shipping was fast. loving it, thanks!


Just open the manufactory is excellent. Sin that lacks the webcam. Thank the seller to the seriousness and Speed Shipping