Hot Swappable Switches Customized Keyboard Kits


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84 Keys RGB Backlit Wired Bluetooth 2.4G Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard Hot Swappable Switches Customized Keyboard Kits


.1.75% Keyboard Kit: Ultra-compact layout with 84 keys makes you a neat desktop with your organized gears on. Tips you might want to know is that keyboard without numpad is most gamers’ choice, more spaces left for mouse movements.

.Kits Composition: ABS shell + PCB board + positioning board. Customers who want to DIY need to purchase independent choice of switches body, satellite switches and key cap, because this kit is a hot-swappable switches body kit, so the installation is very convenient, no welding, PCB The plate is Gateron's switches seat, compatible with triangular/pentagonal

.Support Three Modes: Wired connection, Bluetooth connection and 2.4G wireless connection.

.Built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, it can support 48 hours of continuous working without charging, mobile phone, tablet, computer connection, Bluetooth connection can also connect 3 devices at the same time, one thing Multi-purpose, convenience to switch devices by pressing the button.

.RGB Backlit: Full keyboard independent RGB lighting design, 16.8 Million Color combinations ,each LED lamp 256 level PWM, delicate and soft, with a variet of cool lighting effects, add color to the game, support full keyboard backlight customization.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: ABS + PBC
.Product Dimensions: 35 x 13.9 x 4.5cm
.Product Weight: 700g
.Package Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 10cm
.Package Weight: 800g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:

.1 x Keyboard Kit