ITX Mini Chassis 9.6L Portable Side Through SFX Power Supply ITX Chassis


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Color: Black

ITX Mini Chassis 9.6L Portable Side Through SFX Power Supply ITX Chassis


★ Simple and generous appearance design, standing and lying dual purpose, detachable handle, more convenient to carry.

★ Supports air-cooled air-cooled heat dissipation system, which can be flexibly matched with heat dissipation schemes according to needs to create super heat dissipation capacity and super playability. Please note: The default shipping case is an air-cooled case. The water-cooled case needs to add brackets and aluminum side panels. In addition, contact the staff

★ The front of the chassis is equipped with I/O and USB3.0 ports. The side-permeable tempered glass panel displays the internal structure of the chassis in all directions, and has both heat dissipation values.

★ Support ITX, some Micro-ATX (225 x 175mm) can also be supported. The power supply supports SFX/SFX-L. The graphics card supports 245 x 130x  60mm.

★ The external size of the chassis is 249 x 155 x 294mm (included handle), which is not only suitable for home office entertainment, but also for DIY games.

★ Specifications:

Color: Pink/Black
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Cooling Method:Air Motherboard 
Compatability: ITX Item Dimensions LxWxH: 249 x 155 x 294mm(Included Handle) 
Power Supply: SFX/SFX-L 
GPU: 245 x 130 x 60mm 
CPU Air Cooler Height:132mm below
Product Weight: 2600g
Package Dimensions: 32 x 30 x 22cm
Package Weight: 3200g
Packing: Box

★ Package Content:

1 x Frame
1 x Handle