Customized Mechanical Keyboard Hot Fresh Fruit Rare Switch 45+1 Switch Canned


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Color: Peach Switch

Customized Mechanical Keyboard Hot Fresh Fruit Rare Switch 45+1 Switch Canned


★ Customized mechanical keyboard is the first choice for DIY, 45 rare shafts containing fresh fruits, providing players with a fruit-like experience of hand feeling

★ The fresh-keeping design of the canned fresh fruit cans, the transparent can body, and the shaft body is clearly visible

★ Peach honey Peach shaft, linear shaft, shaft life more than 80 million times, 50gf touch point force, total stroke 4mm

★ The cover is made of transparent PC material, shaft center POM material, gold-plated reed and stainless steel spring, excellent material


Material: ABS
Product Weight: 200g
Package Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 8cm
Package Weight: 300g
Packing: Box


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Been using mechanical keyboards since mid-90s when my first was an IBM with buckling spring switches... My last keyboard was a modified Coolermaster with Cherry MX Browns and silicone rings to reduce sound and finger discomfort when bottoming out. I type over 100 wpm. I prefer tactile switches for typing and linear switches for gaming. I am not a fan of the loud clicky switches though. Last 2 years I have noticed a huge number of new switches hitting the market, once Cherry patent expired. New materials, springs, tops, films and lube. Custom hot swap keyboards. It's become quite fashionable to mod your own keyboard. Anyhow, once you start looking and researching there are literally 30 or more makes of tactile switches. Obviously you can't try them all, it would be very expensive, some switches are $2 each!!! I read reviews, looked at YouTube videos, did price comparisons and created a shortlist of 3 or 4 switches that I would try. Fruit switch won for a few reasons.


Overall I recommend! They have a deeper sound signature, but otherwise feel almost the same.

Eduardo C.

it is first choice for DIY customized mechanical keyboard , good experience of hand feeling !


Overall they're great value switches that don't skimp on quality and accesories, they're my favorite tactile switches by far.


I like the sound these switches produce. It has a deeper sound than my glorious pandas. It works as intended.