ABM648 64-key CNC Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Keyboard Shining Night Green Customized Kit


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ABM648 64-key CNC Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Keyboard Shining Night Green Customized Kit


★ [Pure aluminum alloy material] It adopts CNC automatic numerical control machine precision processing, multi-process fine washing, special cylinder spot color process, multi-color anode contrast color, fine sand particle layer, strong corrosion resistance.

★ [Immersive gold PCB] is deposited through the nickel-gold-gold layer, the gold-immersion process is anti-oxidation, has a long life, strong conductivity, and improves the transmission speed.

★ [Adjusting the satellite axis] The factory is thin and smooth, using high-quality satellite axis, multi-directional coordination adjustment, very good feel, five-hole shaft seat, built-in special terminal shaft connector, can be compatible with more customized tripods and five Foot shaft seat, DIY shaft body of different manufacturers.

★ [Glass fiber positioning plate] is strong and elastic, not easy to deform, experience the feel of no steel, built-in sound insulation and shock-absorbing cotton, feel more, equipped with powerful drive adjustment, with music rhythm function.

★ [Three-mode link] 5.0 Bluetooth/2.4G/wired mode, three connection methods, to meet your various needs, built-in 2.4G magnetic receiver, to avoid the loss of the receiver.


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Three modes: 5.0 Bluetooth/2.4G/wired mode
Compatible system: mac/Windows dual system
RGB lighting: 16.8 million RGB lighting effects
Current/Voltage: 5V-300mA
Battery: 4000mah lithium battery.
Product Dimensions: 30.5 x 13.2 x 4.3cm
Product Weight: 1600g
Package Dimensions: 33 x 14 x 8cm
Package Weight: 1800g
Packing: Graphic Carton