Which switches do you prefer? - Gateron vs Cherry

Gateron vs Cherry

Gateron and Cherry have always been debated topics in the mechanical keyboard community. Some enthusiasts prefer Cherry because of their company's innovation and excellent quality assurance. Some users prefer Gateron because it is a new company that produces smoother and more cost-effective switches.

About Gateron: 

Gateron switch is manufactured in South China by Guangdong Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The company has been operating since 2000 and also produces keycaps, batteries and other products.
Although there is little mainstream marketing for the Gateron brand, Gateron continues to gain market share in the mechanical switch industry.
Although Gateron initially only produced Cherry MX clones, they have recently played a more innovative role in the market. The Zealio switch that Gateron cooperates with Zeal PC is highly sought after by hardcore mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

About Cherry:

Cherry was founded in 1953 by Walter Kirsch. The first Cherry switches were produced in the basement of a restaurant in Illinois. The company developed rapidly and moved to Germany in the 1960s.
Cherry still operates and produces in Germany. They are praised for inventing most of the mechanical switch industry. Cherry started producing its MX switches in the 1980s. The MX switch quickly became an industry standard. This standard is why most keycaps can be used on switches of different brands.

Is the GATERON switch compatible with CHERRY keycaps?

Yes, Gateron, Kailh, Outemu, Razer and other Cherry MX clones all have the same PCB, board and keycap dimensions. Most third-party or artisan keycaps will be designed to be interchangeable with any of these brands of switches.

The difference between GATERON and CHERRY:

A: Smoothness

In its entire switch series, Gateron clearly focuses on providing users with smooth and comfortable key switches. There is almost no resistance or scratches on the keys.
The Cherry switch does have a noticeable sense of friction. Although some users claim to reduce the itching after use, there are also some disappointed Cherry users who cannot adapt to the itching sensation. On the other hand, some users prefer the hardness of Cherrys.

B: Volume

There are many factors that affect whether a mechanical keyboard is loud or quiet. The way users type is probably the most important factor.
Gateron switches often require fairly uniform driving force throughout the entire keystroke process. This means that even with linear or tactile switches, pressing the keys all the way to the bottom of the keyboard floor will be a pretty loud typist.
According to reports, Cherry switches sometimes require relatively greater driving force near the bottom of keystrokes, making it easier for users to avoid bottoming.

C: Button feel

The Gateron switch has a slightly higher driving point (the point at which keystrokes are recorded), compared to Cherry's lower driving point, which allows users to type more easily.
There is some consensus among enthusiasts that Cherry switches are more consistent-each Cherry switch feels almost the same, while Gateron switches sometimes have some small changes in the feel of one switch to another.

D: Durability

Both Cherry and Gateron switches have a market life of 50 million cycles. The Gateron optical switch increases this number to 100 million actuations. Cherry switches provide a warranty for these 50 million drives, and Gateron does not provide a similar warranty.

E: Price

Price is the ultimate difference for many keyboard enthusiasts when choosing between Gateron and Cherry. Standard Gateron switches are usually cheaper than Cherry in the aftermarket. Neither brand is considered a "cheap" switch, and there are some highly sought-after vintage or limited edition switches that can be very expensive for collectors.

Switch type:

Gateron switch

Cherry MX Switches

Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown

The brown tactile switch is one of the most popular switches for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. These switches provide a satisfactory shock when activated without the loudness of a blue switch with a click.
Gateron brown is widely considered to be smoother than cherry brown. Also noticed that the Gateron has a slightly more recognizable collision feel when driving.

Gateron Red vs Cherry Red

The linear red switch provides a classic feel. Cherry MX reds can be said to be the most famous key switch in the world.
The cherry red switch feels harsher than the Gateron red switch, but many users notice that the difference is almost imperceptible.

Gateron Blue vs Cherry Blue

The noise of the blue switch may make the typist happy, or it may make people around him feel numb. Either way, you can't argue with their iconic click.
The click sound of the Cherry MX blue switch is slightly softer, while the sound of the Gateron blue switch is clearer and louder. According to reports, Gateron blues have a slightly higher tone than cherry blues.

Which switches are the quietest?

The sound and volume of a mechanical keyboard depends on several factors, such as how hard you press, the material of the keyboard body and the material of the keycaps. The sound of the switch itself comes from the button being pushed onto the spring and then released.

Recently, Gateron and Cherry both released Silent switch products. When the spring expands, these switches put a small piece of rubber into the return position of the valve stem. Cherry claims that this innovation reduces their switching capacity by approximately 30%.

For those who do it on their own, installing an O-ring on each switch can significantly reduce the keyboard volume. The O-ring is a small silicone ring placed around the key handle. After installing the O-ring, when the keystrokes hit the bottom, the noise will be greatly reduced, and at the same time, the keyboard will become more stable.

Is GATERON better than CHERRY?

The answer to this question ultimately boils down to personal preference. For some people, the Cherry MX switch is the first mechanical keyboard they have, and they will prefer Cherry MX for life. In recent years, more and more keyboard enthusiasts and manufacturers have turned to Gateron because of its combination of value and fluency.

At Mechdiy, we choose to use Gateron switches and TTC switches on all ergonomic mechanical keyboards. We like the fluency of their switches and the speed at which their factories produce new products.
We currently offer gateron brown, blue, red, black, yellow, silver, mute brown, mute red, mute black, mute yellow and mute silver switches. Learn more about Mechdiy.

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