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It is not just building blocks and other toy products that exercise your hands-on ability. Have you considered customizing a keyboard of your own? The keyboard has become an inseparable part of our work. What do you need to make a keyboard yourself? Come and have a look with me!

1. Buy an electric soldering iron, or you can buy a set, which comes with a solder suction device.

2. Buy solder wire with a diameter of 1.0mm and a high-purity no-clean tin wire. It costs $25.

3. Buy grease or lubricating oil. Regarding lubricating oil, it seems that everyone uses lubricating oil when lubricating springs. I think lubricating oil is not so convenient compared to grease. Grease is more recommended.
If the store sells grease pens, you can buy one by the way. It is used when applying grease.

4.To buy the switch, my goal at the beginning was the Gateron yellow switch. I bought a tripod switch with a transparent upper shell and a black shell at the bottom. I did not choose to sell the hotter milk shell switch. You can check other switch. I recommend the KS-9 series, because this series is equipped with a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, which can be easily installed and replaced by anyone, and the price is reasonable. Fruit Rare Switch is also a good choice.

5. Of course, you still need to buy keycaps. The keycaps that come with the keyboard look too ordinary, I don't like it very much. I took this opportunity to change to a cheap keycap. There are really too many keycaps to choose from. OEM keycaps and Cherry keycaps are relatively common, and they are mainly economical. If you want your keycaps to be more distinctive, you can put hand-customized personalized keys in some positions.

6. The keyboard kit is also indispensable. There are endless choices of kits. I recommend Acrylic keyboard kits and CNC keyboard kits, which are very wear-resistant, have a good texture, and the price is within an acceptable range.

With these things ready, you can start to assemble your DIY keyboard and experience customizing a unique keyboard yourself!

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