The origin of the keycap design from DEERWALK

I often imagine that in a parallel world of another dimension, there is another me who must live a more brilliant life than me.
She must dare to think and do, she is radiant and has a charming aura in the crowd.
It's not as cautious as I am, failing to seize the opportunity of class transition at the best time.

More than ten years ago, I chased after a movie called "Edge of Crisis".
The setting about the parallel world in it shocked me.

The entrance to the parallel world is often opened and closed suddenly, causing the objects passing through to be cut in half, which is extremely terrifying.
Olivia can communicate with herself in another world by email every night. Peter, who had been ambivalent with her, actually came from a parallel world, and Peter in this world had already died by drowning.

The adult animation Rick and Morty is more interesting, the first episode is very dark.
Rick destroyed the world he was in, and simply took Morty to another parallel world.
In the world they arrived, Rick and Morty happened to be killed, so the two picked up their bodies, buried them in the backyard, and replaced them.
The design theme of the keycap is derived from the imagination of the parallel world.
The overall vision is a style where two colors collide left and right. The colors are alternately cold and hot, creating the kind of collision of ice and fire, grotesque and calm.
There are two colors for the keycaps launched this time: Wormhole and Far Mountain.

The hue of "wormhole" uses gray blue and goose yellow.
I have imagined that the moment the parallel world opens, it will definitely be illuminated by the yellowish light there, but there is no shadow.
Going through the wormhole, I found everything familiar and unfamiliar to death.

The tones of "distant mountains" are blue of daydreaming and red of flamingo.
In that world, everything is new,
Pink mountains, blue trees,

In the early morning, jogging in the forest is like a dream.
The mirror image of the letter area is like the reflection of the world,
The matter of the parallel world is also constant, but the difference is that we are full of pursuit of a better world in the future.

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