Q&A About Retro Typewriter Keyboard

Q: Is there a keyboard that sounds like a typewriter?

A: The new Retro Typewriter Wired Bluethooth Mechanical Keyboard, the original typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard, you can have it all. With unparalleled aesthetic design,Mechdiy can easily become one of the most amazing devices you have. But don't let it distract you!

Q: What are old style keyboards called?

A: In the Victorian era, typewriters emerged in that era. People nostalgic for the past. Many typewriters are kept until now, but they cannot be used in office. Therefore, retro-style keyboards appeared.

Q: Is a typewriter keyboard good for gaming?

A: Of course there are such keyboards, such as the 84 Keys TW1867 Retro Typewriter Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. You can buy it on the Mechdiy website for only $129.

Q: Why do old keyboards feel so good?
A: Although somewhat outdated, these old keyboards still show some good innovations. With the progress of the times, we have innovated old typewriters. The feel of the typewriter keyboard is like this, because each key is connected to a lever. When the lever is pressed, it will act on a type bar and press the ink to Page. But the computer keyboard does not have a joystick, and there is no type bar. It has a perfect shape and we can maintain respect for the past.
Q: Are typewriter keyboards mechanical?
A: The saddle-shaped keycap is reminiscent of a real typewriter, and because it is a mechanical keyboard, you get tactile feedback every time you press a button.

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  • | Bill Smith

    I have the TW1867 keyboard. I absolutely love it. The look, the feel, it’s astounding. I’m using it now!
    The only thing I might ask about is why the Insert key was left out. I don’t see any alternatives, either in the documentation or on any of the keys. Search engines aren’t much help, as most point to a Numeric Keypad, which of course does not apply to this keyboard. Perhaps using the FN key with one of the leys on the far right might have been an option, since there really isn’t any space for the key. What are your thoughts?

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