T10 Flame Sound Humidifiers for Best Gifts in 2022

I am ailce who focuses on humidifier science. If you can click on this article, you may encounter the following problems

1. It's the festival again, hey, I really don't know what gift to give to my girlfriend?

2. A female friend who has just known each other for a few days, is afraid that she will not accept the gift of valuables, and that the cheap ones will not be available?

3. Going to the Internet to check is another gift that moved your girlfriend to cry. It is very unreliable and not very practical. If you give it, it will be put on hold, and it will be a waste in disguise. Worry!

4. Is there any gift that looks good and can be used often, and the more you use it, the more you like it, and it is also a cute gift?

Today, I'm here to introduce the magical effect of humidifiers to friends who have clicked on the article.

1. What is a humidifier?

A humidifier is a household appliance that increases the humidity in a room. So that the air in the room is humidified, making people feel comfortable, and the comfortable humidity of the human body is 40%-60%.

2. the type of humidifier

There are mainly two types of humidifiers on the market today, mist humidifiers and mist-free humidifiers. The mist humidifier refers to the ultrasonic humidifier, and the non-mist humidifier refers to the cold evaporative humidifier.

The principle of the ultrasonic humidifier: the built-in humidifier contains an ultrasonic vibration plate. After the humidifier is powered on, it operates with high-frequency vibration, breaking the water in the humidifier into small water droplets of 1-10 microns, and then using the jet technology to send it to the air. , so that the area of ​​water contacting the air suddenly increased thousands of times.

However, it should be noted that some impurities in the water will also be sprayed into the air. If the human body inhales it, it will easily lead to bronchitis for a long time. Therefore, the ultrasonic humidifier needs to use pure water, and it is safe to use pure water correctly.


3. The function of the humidifier

When the humidity in the air is lower than 30%, the human body can clearly feel that the air is dry, the throat is phlegm, and in severe cases, nasal bleeding may occur.

When the air humidity is higher than 60%, the air will be too humid and the bacteria will grow rapidly. , which can easily lead to respiratory infections.

The most comfortable humidity for the human body is 40%-60%, and in this humidity, the bacteria have the shortest lifespan. The function of the humidifier helps us solve the problem of humidity, keeping the humidity in our air in the most comfortable range for the human body, thereby reducing the problem of physical discomfort caused by drying.

The moisture provided by the humidifier can hydrate the skin, which can solve the problem of skin dehydration very well. It is useful for friends with dry skin like me. For friends with rhinitis, the humidifier can reduce dust and improve the condition of the nose (recommended by patients with rhinitis Use a mist-free humidifier)

4.the humidifier purchase parameters

(1) Water Tank

The size of the water tank, if it is too small, means frequent watering

(2) Humidification Amount

The number of milliliters of water consumed in 1 hour, the larger the value, the larger the applicable area. The result of dividing the amount of humidification by 10 is roughly the approximate area that the humidifier is suitable for.

(3) Noise

(4) Sterilization mode

5. Recommended humidifiers for gifts


T10 Flame Sound Humidifier 



Recommended reason:

1. The new technology of light and sound opens up the world of music

2. Quiet humidification, delicate water mist, moisturizing all night.

3. The 230ML water tank can be humidified for a long time, no need to add water frequently

4. Timing power off, automatic power off when dry burning without water




Generally speaking, it is a good humidifier, which is easy to carry and can be brought into a small space such as a car. if you putting it in the room and turning off the lights feels like has a different vibe. If you have this need, friends can buy it.


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