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Is your computer also facing high-speed operation and temperature rise? If you don't have a good temperature monitor, your computer may slow down and even its service life may be shortened, but don't worry, Mechdiy can solve this problem for you!

Mechdiy's 12.6-inch display can be used as an extension of the PC monitor. Its components are supported by aluminum alloy and ABS materials, which are very strong and durable. On the other hand, its size can be installed in various PC cases on the market, or as a completely independent external screen, you can place it anywhere.

Installation is also very easy and convenient, including USB data cable, ROG bracket and manual.

In addition, it can display content such as games, live broadcasts, and videos. In fact, the dynamic LCD screen can perform all the other functions of the main display in a smaller space. Nevertheless, it can project clear images with unparalleled saturation and precise detail.

Although it is a convenient screen that can project videos and images, with the help of AIDA64, you can witness the true use of Mechdiy dynamic LCD screen. Using the above tools, it can be used as a CPU temperature monitor and display other information about your unit, such as CPU, graphics card, RAM utilization, and even its temperature and humidity.

AIDA64’s Sensor Panel Manager will allow you to select the information to be displayed on the Mechdiy dynamic LCD screen. You can also customize the layout, design and overall theme of the panel. Although this is not an easy task for novices, there are already thousands of theme templates and a large number of custom tutorials on the Internet, so that everyone can set it up instantly and easily.

Are you going to try it? I am waiting for your arrival at any time!


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