The KT-R1 G99 Review From Once Were Nerd
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The gaming world has been abuzz with excitement for the KT-R1 G99 machine. Though the buzz began a year ago, it wasn't until July 2023 that enthusiasts finally got their hands on this eagerly anticipated console. Here at Mechdiy, we managed to secure some samples and sent them over to the well-known YouTube content creator, Once Were Nerd, for a thorough evaluation. Now, we've compiled his insightful assessment into this blog, with the intention of providing you with a comprehensive understanding of this gaming console. By delving into this review, you'll not only gain better insights but also make an informed choice about this device.

Part 1: Unboxing the KT-R1 G99Let's start by unboxing this intriguing device. Inside the package, you'll find:

● The console itself, the heart of the gaming experience.
● Two protective screens – one already applied to the console for added convenience.
● A safety bumper, ensuring durability during intense gaming sessions.
● A USB to USB-C charging cable, ensuring you're always powered up.
● A screwdriver, thoughtfully included to facilitate easy disassembly and button rubber replacement.
● Two spare rubber components for maintaining optimal button functionality.
● A classic tool for opening the microSD card compartment, a familiar sight for mobile phone users.

Part 2: Exploring the Console's Features

The KT-R1 G99 has garnered acclaim for its design, screen quality, performance, storage options, battery capacity, and online gaming capabilities. However, it's not without its minor downsides, such as buttons touching the casing and a slightly inconvenient SIM card slot. On the upside, the inclusion of an HDMI output and the console's solid build quality contribute to its overall appeal. Let's dive into some key aspects:

● Aesthetics and Design: The console artfully blends design elements from Ambernic and Retroid Pocket, featuring similar plastics and buttons to the latter. It's conveniently portable, measuring 169mm x 79mm x 18mm and weighing 274 grams.
● Screen Size and Quality: The console boasts an impressively sized screen that captivates with its structural appeal and near-perfect resolution.

● Controls and Buttons: Located on the upper part are rear buttons, a power button, volume controls, microSD and SIM card slots. While some buttons touch the casing, the overall control experience remains balanced.
● Front Design: The front houses dual speakers that deliver exceptional audio quality. Special touch buttons serve as select, start, home, and task manager functions, complementing the high-quality multi-touch display.

 ● Performance and RAM: The KT-R1 G99's performance surpasses that of the Retro Pocket Plus Tiger, offering RAM options of 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB LPDDR4. ● Storage Options: Internal memory can be tailored to your needs, with choices of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants. External microSD card support for expanded storage is also available. ● Battery Capacity: Equipped with a substantial 7000 milliampere battery, the console ensures extended gaming sessions without the worry of power depletion. ● HDMI Output: The inclusion of an HDMI output allows for seamless connectivity to a television, enhancing the overall gaming experience. ● Online Gaming: The KT-R1 G99 shines in the realm of online gaming, offering features like Android's remote play and game pass functionality. ● Specifications and Build Quality: The console sets itself apart with its impressive specifications and top-notch build quality.

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